Blue Elephant Beverage Co.


Product & Vintage                                                      

Draught - Tap / Keg Cider 2015



Harcourt Valley, Victoria. Australia                                                       



Light straw colour with a light green hue.



Freshly cut apple, and citrus that is very refreshing and applicious!



Fresh apple and grapefruit with hints of lime and plenty of spritz that finishes refreshingly clean.


Suggested Cuisine

Anywhere, anytime over ice with a slice of green apple in a fine collins glass!


or our favourite at home:


pour Blue Elephant Cider over ice with a good dash (20ml) of Aperol a slice of orange and stir for a smooth Cider Spritz!


Season Conditions

Season 2015 was  dry and temperate offering a favourable maturation period and excellent ripening conditions. Fruit of the highest quality was hand-picked across selected maturity levels.


Fruit Selection

Pink Lady apples are sourced from our Biota Orchard in Harcourt, Victoria planted in 1996. The soil is well drained grey loam with decomposed granite.

Hand-picked in the cool mornings across several days and kept in controlled atmospheric refrigeration where further maturation continues for six weeks.



Hand sorting eliminates sub-standard fruit; the fruit is milled, cold pressed and chilled overnight before being racked into stainless steel tanks for inoculation with select yeast for fermentation.

Careful monitoring allows for a cool and moderate ferment to retain freshness and aroma and fermenting to dryness for the desired alcohol level. The cider is racked off gross lees, filtered and prepared for bottling.


Oak: No.                                                                                 

Analysis: Alc/Vol: 6.3%­ pH 3.53 TA 5.9

Dry/Sweet: Dry

Body: Medium Bodied.